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 Kabbalah Tour: The next generation of spiritual tourist experiences

Did you hear of Ancient Tzfat? Do you know it’s considered one of the most beautiful and mysterious cities in the world?

For tourism professionals there is no need to introduce ‘Kabbalah-Tour’.

In 2006, the Tzfat Kabbalah Center has founded ‘Kabbalah Tour’ that in few years became a leading tourism company in Israel, for spiritual tourism.

We, in Kabbalah-Tour believe that every event, production or tour of Tzfat, or any spiritual workshop, should all be a special concept experience, multi sensual, and multi dimensional to match the taste of each unique client.

Where else in the world, but in the enchanted City of Tzfat, can you find such rare combination of magnificent mountain views, pure air, ancient alleyways, Kabbalah and mysticism, an artists’ quarter, cheese and wineries, and a history of 4,000 years?

In this website, we’re pleased to present the new generation of our experiences: day and night experiences, memorable concept events of ‘once in a lifetime’, special tours of Tzfat, and innovative Kabbalah Retreats, workshops and classes, of high level, never done before.

After an experience of 10 years, and thousands of programs with more than 300,000 participants, we take our programs to the next level.

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For reservations: office@tzfat-kabbalah.org 04-6821771

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