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A foundational principle of Judaism is that all of what is seemingly differentiation, is in its ultimate reality – oneness. The Kabbalah explains that we are presently in the process of becoming conscious of our true nature of unity. It is explained in the Kabbalah that our present experience of separation is a temporary stage which is followed by the complete realization of oneness in the universe. The Torah describes for us the pattern through which we can realize the infinite goodness and unconditional love which is the One source of our every moment.

The form of the painting is an interplay between the form of the circle and the form of the square. The form of the square is associated with differentiation, as it has 4 different sides. The 4 sides are symbolic of 4 primary stages of spiritual development that are discussed in the Kabbalah. The shape of the circle is associated with unification and the experience of oneness. The shape of the circle is associated with the consciousness of loving our neighbor as ourselves- the realization that every point is in oneness, and that on a deep level, our neighbor is our self.

The white circle in the center of the painting contains a Star-of-David with a smaller Star-of-David depicted at each of the 6 points. The Star-of-David is a triangle going up and a triangle going down- a symbol of unification: spiritual and physical, within and without, woman and man, give and take, creator and creation. It is explained in the Kabbalah that the number 6 represents the physical world, as the physical world contains 6 directions of space: North, South, East, West, Up, and Down. 7 represents the point in the center, the spiritual essence of our physical reality. The space in the center of the 6 points of a Star-of-David symbolizes our spiritual reality.

At the bottom of the painting is the verse from the Torah:

ואהבת לרעך כמוך אני ה

At the top of the painting is the verse from the Torah:
ואהבת את ה אלקיך

In the upper center of the painting is written יישרראל ISRAEL with the י and ר written twice. One of the secrets of the word ישראל is that it is the 1st Hebrew letters of Avraham, Yitzchak, Ya’akov, Sarah, Rivka, Rachel, and Leah – the 4 Mothers and the 3 Fathers. In the inner spiritual understanding of the Torah, the Mothers and Fathers, as well as every other character in the Torah, represent different aspects of our spiritual psychology. Every story, conversation, battle, etc. in the Torah, is on a deep level, a description of the inner workings of our consciousness. The whole Torah, on this inner level, is a spiritual map of human consciousness. Every verse of the Torah is providing different details of the same story: the transformation from desiring to receive, the limitation of consciousness, to entering the infinite expanded consciousness of pure giving. The transformation of human consciousness from limitation to unification as described by the inner understanding of the Torah is happening in the personal level as well as in the transformation of global and universal consciousness.

The word ישראל ISRAEL is comprised of two Hebrew words Yashar and E’l. Yashar means connection and E’l represents the Divine state of loving kindness. When our motivation is not rooted in what we desire to receive for ourselves, but we are rather striving to connect with our Divine source in the state of loving kindness, then we are within the Spiritual Land of Israel. The story level of the Torah describes the journey of the Jewish people coming to the Land of Israel. On an inner level, the Torah is describing the transformation of all human consciousness from the limited consciousness of self-desire, to the expanded consciousness of unification.

The spiritual learning of the Kabbalah, the inner learning of Torah, involves the details of our universal spiritual transformation that is bringing us to experience the infinite Divine goodness in the realization of unconditional love and oneness.

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