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Divine Romance in the Zohar

We’re happy to invite all lovers of Kabbalah and Jewish Spirituality to join us for:

“The Divine Romance in the Zohar”

A Special 2 days Kabbalah Seminar With Professor Daniel Matt of Berkley California

June 29th -30th 2016 At the Ruth-Rimonim Hotel in Tzfat, Israel

Program includes special learning sessions with Prof. Matt, tours, accommodation & more.

A special ‘Love, intimacy and Kabbalah’ Retreat will run throughout the weekend – Friday & Shabbat


Wednesday 29/06/2016

10:00 – The Divine Romance in the Zohar – introductory lecture and learning with Prof. Matt

15:00 – Zohar textual study with Prof. Matt – from the new ‘Pritzker’ Edition of the Zohar in English alongside the Armaic original and a Hebrew translation.

20:00 – Magical night tour to Holy Tombs of the Sages: Benayahu B. Yehoyada ( Secret of ‘Unifications’ meditation), Amuka – Hilula by Yonathan Ben Uziel in the ‘Valley of Love’.

Thursday 30/06/2016 :

10:00 – Zohar textual study with Prof. Matt

15:00 – In depth Zohar study and experience with Prof. Matt

17:00 – A fascinating ‘Kabbalah Tour’ of Ancient Tzfat

18:00 – An inspiring workshop of Art & Kabbalah by artist David Friedman


Full price for two days (accomodation not included) – 390 nis per person  ; couple – 720 nis ;  One Day Seminar – 260 nis

Ruth Rimonim Hotel Guests’ price – 290 nis per person ; couple – 520 nis ;  One Day Seminar – 195 nis

Tsfat residents – 240 nis per person ; couple – 400 nis ;  One Day Seminar – 160 nis

Students – 220 nis per person ; couple – 380 nis ;  One Day Seminar – 145 nis


romance of zohar5

Daniel Matt, one of the world’s leading authorities on Kabbalah, has published over a dozen books, including The Essential Kabbalah (translated into seven languages), Zohar: Annotated and Explained, and God and the Big Bang: Discovering Harmony between Science and Spirituality. Recently Daniel completed an 18-year project of translating and annotating the Zohar, known as The Zohar: Pritzker Edition. The Koret award called his translation “a monumental contribution to the history of Jewish thought.”

For rooms reservation, please call *6333 or +972-4-6994666

To register for the seminar, please call +972-4-6821771  Or email : office@tzfat-kabbalah.org

Book your experience now !
Call 972-4-6821771

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