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Wedding Ceremony

A special Event in Ancient Tzfat

We all know that there are special ‘ingredients’ to make the wedding ceremony real unique, unlike everyone else’s…

We all wish that the magical atmosphere and the blessings will accompany the couple for a life time, and that the love and good relationships will forever blossom.

The Tzfat Kabbalah Center specializes in producing the perfect event of a memorable Jewish spiritual wedding, whose blessed effect lasts a life time.

The special sites of Tzfat and its surroundings provide the perfect atmosphere for a beautiful event with an added spiritual value.

Under the open sky or inside the ancient ‘Khans’ and antique stone houses, the ancient synagogues, or the Tzfat forest – wherever you choose – our professional team will plan and produce your most special event.

Contact us for planning your event – we’re here for you.


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