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Ulpan for Hebrew studies in Tzfat

Would you like to study Hebrew in a professional and exciting way?

We are the place !!

The Academic and spiritual staff of the Tzfat Kabbalah Center, has developed a unique method for teaching Hebrew, using the best methods of Language Acquisition.

Years of experience, helped us develop our unique method which provides our students with skills in Hebrew in a short time.

Our method combines talks in the ‘Spoken language’ while practicing reading and writing simultaneously.

Our Hebrew studies combine exciting experiences in the magical atmosphere of Tzfat and the surroundings, alongside studies of most interesting topics.

We specialize in teaching the authentic and spiritual meaning of Hebrew words and letters, making the learning a most exciting and uplifting experience.

There is a possibility of 1 week or 2 weeks course.

For visiting groups and individuals, it’s possible to enjoy 1 hour of Hebrew study workshop.

For more details and registration, contact us: +972-4-6821771  office@tzfat-kabbalah.org


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